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A man from Japan was sitting in his basement one day thinking of his next big idea.  Suddenly, he got a call from his gay cousin, and he told him that he recently got engaged to a nice man from Osaka.  The Japanese man happened to be extremely homophobic and reacted to it negatively.  In order to vent his anger, he began drawing the most hurtful stereotypes for gay people he could think of.  Luckily, his mind wasn't too warped, so the most hurtful thing he could come up with "OMG SO FABULOUS."  After his venting was over with, he began drawing the first chapter of his new manga series.

A week later, he showed the idea to the CEO of the publishing company.  He looked at it and said, "What the fuck is this shit?"  After endless bitching for 2 hours straight, the man packed up and left the office.  As he was leaving, his hateful drawing flew out of his briefcase.  The CEO took one look at it and said, "Wait a minute!"

The man said, "What is it?"

The CEO replied, "These characters…they're perfect!  I want you to make a manga about these guys!"

The man asked, "Are you fucking serious?"

The CEO replied, "Yes!  This is a marketer's dream right here!  I want the first chapter done by next week."

The man then proceeded to return home and commit hari-kiri in front of his own dog.

Another writer signed on to the project and proceeded to turn the manga into a worldwide phenomenon.

And that, my friends, is how Ouran High School Host Club was born.
You can probably chalk this up as a Shallow Parody.

The story behind this is that in my anime club, one of the shows we have to watch is Ouran High School Host Club, and almost every person in the club loves it.

I am in the minority.

I hate the premise, I hate the characters, I hate the jokes, I hate damn near everything about it.

So I wrote up this little story as to how a show like this could possibly have been conceived. I told it to the anime club...and they thought it was hilarious.

If you are a fan of this show and you get offended by this, know this. I am not insulting the people who like this show, I'm just poking fun at the show itself. If you like this show, then by all means enjoy it and support it. I just don't care for it.
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*Goes to look up series*
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